My name is Bobby. I am a super nerd in 20th century philosophy, particularly in Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction. My research interests lies in the areas of ontology, hermeneutics, and phenomenology. I am also a serious reader of psychoanalysis and existentialism. I enjoy photography, art, film, music, and literature. I have a Bachelor of Design in photography from the Alberta University of Arts where I was the recipient of the Board of Governor’s Graduating Student Award. I have a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Calgary where I wrote about deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and speculative realism.

Most people consider me as a walking paradox who either talks too much or too little; too serious, or too silly. Many also think I am a solitary and private person who radiates an aura of intensity and intimidation (but I am actually kind of a nice person—“kind of”). I am perceptive, cerebral, observant, analytical, honest, esoteric, idealistic, romantic, and pessimistic. I consider myself a thinker of origins and a challenger of conventional ideas. 

This blog is the place where you will learn more about me and engage with some of my current intellectual musings. While I might sometimes post about random things, I often try to write about philosophy and theories in ways that are easy for newcomers to comprehend. I usually post on weekends.