IMG_0418pyport1My name is Bobby. I am a super nerd in 20th century continental philosophy, particularly in Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction. My research interests lies in the areas of ontology, hermeneutics, psychoanalysis and phenomenology. I enjoy photography, art, film, music, literature, and disc golf. I have a Bachelor of Design degree from the Alberta University of Arts where I received the Board of Governor’s Graduating Student Award. In 2020, I earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Calgary where I wrote about deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and speculative realism. My PhD endeavor is currently on hiatus because I don’t know if it is worth my time.

I am really introverted, cerebral, committed, passionate, and intense. I am someone who appears cold on the outside, but really soft inside. I can be social, but also really quiet and shy. I think deep, feeI deep, and hurt deep. My mind have a tendency to drift away wondering about the depths of human nature, forecasting future possibilities, and connecting random pieces of knowledge that I observe and gather from the world. If you are one of the few people who knows me well, you will discover that I am really laid back and easygoing who is super goofy with a sarcastic, dry, and dark sense of humor. I am a collector of knowledge about everything I come across. I enjoy learning, growing, and improving frameworks of groundbreaking ideas which shapes my intellectual and personal life. I feel most alive when I am doing something that is much bigger than myself.

I often try to write about philosophy in ways that are easy for newcomers to comprehend. Not only is this blog a place where you will engage with some of my current intellectual musings, it also represents many dimensions of who I am as a person. Every thought, love, joy, sorrow, anything that can animate my existence are inscribed on this blog, tucked between each written word. I am a big picture thinker who is about the perspective of perspectives, psychology of psychologies, truth of truths, and the philosophy of philosophies.

People in the past had told me how they found my passion for truth to be either inspiring or outright intimidating. But if my zeal has struck a positive note in you. If I somehow inspired you to become a little more than who you already are; if I changed or challenged your views, or enlightened your soul; if I made you want to make this world a little better and less ignorant place, or to love infinitely regardless of outcome, then I have already achieved more than what I ever wanted in my life.

Exist with purpose and with infinite respect for others. 🙂